‘Moon Rides Cloud’

moon rides cloud

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There’s the Moon, Caught in the Sunset!

moon in the sunset

…and strangely disorientating.

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Last Night I Tossed the Moon…

moon toss

…with varying degrees of success. A single point of light as opposed to multiple forms is harder to hit. Also being darker you have a longer exposure requiring multiple or compound tosses. David the mediator for the group over in California has given me a few tips to refine my skills.

“When performing multiple/compound tosses (and even simple tosses), try to catch you camera with one hand covering the lens. This will minimize the irregular light streaks that result from when the camera is in hand, and maximize those light streaks that result from camera flight and physics”.

Camera flight and physics, that’s it isn’t it! This is more gestural than I first realised. What did Greenburg say ‘the use of characteristic methods of a discipline to criticise the discipline itself’. David goes on to say…

“Also, try integrating some soft reflected light sources (or even distinct brighter colored light sources) into your attempts to toss the moon…adds a little more character than the simple wide whitish lines. In example, my recent “Kinetic 1389″. The moon tends to create fairly simple patterns owing to it’s great distance from the camera, and requires significant control of camera motion to produce interesting shapes”.

Mmmm I’ll have another go tonight although the standard David sets is very high…

For example here and here and once again here.

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Los Caminos de la Luna

Los Caminos de la Luna

Or walking by moonlight. The next full moon falls upon August the 6th and Los Gazquez has planned a series of midnight walks on or around this date.

And what a date too, for it happens to coincide more or less with the Lagrimas de San Lorenzo, which is a spectacular meteor shower which sends hundreds of shooting stars across the sky. It is a good opportunity to hear the creatures of the night too,  in the cool and pine scented mountain air.

After an evening meal we leave at about nine o’clock in the evening walking across the mountain caminos for around four hours before returning to Los Gazquez for a small supper.

The next walk by moonlight will be on or around the 4th of September.

Please make enquiries here or via the web site.

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