About Cortijada los Gazquez


Simon (44) - artist. designer.would be ecologist.

Donna (?) - illustrator. specialising in travel and food.

Solomon (6) - professional skateboarder

Sesame (6) - ballerina, princess etc…

Cortijada los Gazquez -

A beautiful isolated farm house situated within 18 hectares of arable fields, almond terraces and pine forest within the Sierra Maria los Velez National Park in the top right hand corner of Andalucia.

The farm house has given us the opportunity, by virtue of having no connection to water or electricity, to live a carbon neutral life.
Water is harvested from the 600m2 roof and stored in an underground deposit.
Electricity is produced by a photo voltaic panel and a wind turbine.
Hot water is produced most of the year by solar power and substituted by burning almond and pine wood taken from our own land and is also used for all of our cooking.

However, the peace is broken occasionally by the call of an eagle or an owl at dusk.

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