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THE POINT OF PENCILS drawing from observation and the imagination

Whether you want to learn by observation or simply employ your imagination this is a creative course which recaptures the beauty of the drawn line.

A pencil and paper to draw is a basic human skill. They are tools for your thoughts and means to express your creativity. The expression of ideas and concepts in this manner is the principle way in which we socially and culturally participate with the  world.

The Point of Pencils teaches perspective, composition, tone (the use of light and dark) and observation etc.

What do drawings mean to me? I really don’t know. The activity absorbs me. I forget everything else in a way that I don’t think happens with any other activity…’

John Berger

‘The very act of drawing an object, however badly, swiftly takes the drawer from a woolly sense of what the object looks like to a precise awareness of it’s component parts and particularities’.

Alain de Botton

‘The art of drawing which is of more real importance to the human race than that of writing… should be taught to every child just as writing is…’

John Ruskin

Long Break – 7 nights/6 days tuition – full board including tuition – 850 euros per person.

Short Break – 3 nights/2 days tuition – full board – 314 euros pp based on 2 sharing – single supplement – 366 euros.

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