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Bultaco Frontera


Talking the other day to someone who knows about these things it would appear that the ‘Sherpa’ is not the bike for me (see below). I need an Enduro bike like this Bultaco Frontera.

And to be honest I quite agree. However is it cool or is my aesthetic mind-set still in the late seventies?

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Bultaco Sherpa

For a while now I have been thinking of buying a motorbike. The two main reasons for this are…

1)  ‘Los Gazquez‘ being so remote and fuel prices being so high it would be a cheap and fast way of traversing the ‘campo’ on those inevitable small errands one needs to do, such as buying a loaf of bread.

2) It would be a very economical way of ameliorating my mid-life crisis (coming up to it’s tenth year, and I’m 45 tomorrow, will it ever end?) and think of the savings. I mean it would be sooo much cheaper to run, wouldn’t it? And very useful for those urgently needed pints of milk.

The trouble is we urban modernistas living in the ‘campo’ can’t make a decision about something like a motorbike without applying all the necessary style checks. And modern bikes are just so ugly.

However (with the aid of an alert from my mate Dom in London) I found the very bikes necessary (did I say bikes?) to halt the tide of time and decrepitude.


It’s a Bultaco Sherpa (I think). And this…


Bultaco Persang (again I think) and I think they are just ‘beautiful.

I could feel like the ‘cooler king’ on a bike like one of these.

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