SUPERCALIFRAGILÍSTICO! / Sorry but it’s ‘Proud Dad Time’ #2


Live from the beautiful Iglesia del Carmen in Vélez Rubio, El Conservatorio Leopoldo Torrecillas Iglesias presented the Concierto Final Curso 2010/2011 last night, and as you can see the audience, despite the early evening heat, were gripped with anticipation…


and there, at the back of the clarinet ensemble (playing a popular mix from Moonlight Serenade, The Jungle Book, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean) was Sesamé! (very proud). And they were all fantastic largely down to the inspiration of their tutor José Antonio Millán García.


And the finale was with the orchestra and choir of the conservatory singing (and playing) ‘Los Chicos del Coro’, Supercalifragilístico’ and ‘Gaudeamus Igitur’ (which sounded just like a Coldplay song).

What an evening…

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Sorry but it’s Proud Dad Time!


The programme sandwiched Solomon between Óscar Guevara Botía and Ana María Martinez Expósito (don’t you just love these Spanish names?) at the end of term concert at the music school ‘Leopoldo Torecillas Iglesias’ in Vélez Rubio and it was fantastic. Sol played ‘Brante Inglés’ (wonder why?) by Adriansen and like all the other Dads I know, obviously I think he ‘has a gift’!

She probably won’t see this but I would like to thank his teacher Lola Rodríguez Paredes for being so inspirational. (and a wonderful musician too).

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Sunday Afternoons…

SS rollerbladingWhat else would one do on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon out in the campo in mid October? Out in the vega?

The answer, go and find a stretch of the newest asphalt you can find, put on your Rollerblades and learn to do stunts over daddy while he lies in the road trying to take photos of his children.

This is one of the best times of year here. It’s around 24˚C / 75˚F, sunny, as you can see in the photo, with cool nights. At my age looking at that new asphalt I’m thinking ’should I dig out the old skateboard?’…

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Cumpleaños Feliz Sol y Sesamé {9 Hoy}

9th Bday cake

sesame BDAY9

sol bday9

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Soldiers vs. Clones

Ok, so it’s proud Dad time again. Sollie (how he likes it spelt) with his good friends Marlow and Alfie (over from London for a summer holiday) have made this rather good (if I say so myself) ’stop motion’ film. There are hints of Tarkovsky’s ‘Solaris’ as well as the classic ‘Blade Runner’ but more significant is the degree of violence. We could have three new Peckinpah’s in the making. And this is the home of the spaghetti western…

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Indulge Me….

Once again it’s ‘proud dad’ time. Solomon and Sesamé have just performed in their end of term summer concert at the music school in Vélez Rubio…

Sol in concert

I think we have the makings of a new Anglosaxon Paco Peña.

Sesamé in concert 2

It makes the extra four hours a week all worthwhile…

Sesamé in concert

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‘We are the Music Makers, and We are the Dreamers of Dreams’.

sol concert

As a rule it’s best advised to avoid eulogising one’s own children, especially in a blog. But in this one instance forgive me, I am a proud father (there I’ve said it!).

Solomon and Sesamé attend the music school of Leopoldo Torrecillas Iglesias in Vélez Rubio and last Monday they had their first concert. Solomon plays guitar with Juan Ramón Navarro Sánchez which he enjoys very much. Here he is playing a ‘Pequeña Marcha’.

sesame concert

And Sesamé plays the clarinet, here with her tutor José Antonio Millán Garcia. If you were wondering, she is playing Frere Jaquets una popular Francesca.

Little one’s!!!!

p.s. My post title is quoting Willy Wonka (just in case you were also wondering).

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Little Landmarks!


sessi balloon dancingI guess I’m quite happy to admit to being a proud father but sometimes I wish I could make time stand still. If I could it would be now, at eight. It’s such a good age in so many ways. Grown up but still little.

Happy birthday Sol and Sesamé.

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