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Inspiring Creative Holidays in Andalucía

Los Gázquez is a retreat for the creatively minded traveller located in the province of Almería, Andalucía, Spain.

In the heart of a natural park and off the beaten track, Los Gázquez has designed inspiring, high quality creative holidays in some of Spain’s most breath-taking landscapes. And when you're not exploring the stunning surroundings, why not try your luck with some betting? Spain is home to a vibrant gambling scene, and there are several top nhà cái uy tín (reputable betting sites) that offer a wide range of betting options. So, while you enjoy the tranquility and natural wonders of Los Gázquez, you can also add a touch of excitement to your holiday by indulging in some thrilling betting experiences.

Los Gázquez, above all, is about fun and learning in an atmosphere that is at once congenial and stimulating.

Creative Food Course

The Los Gázquez creative food course is unique in its exploration of ‘food culture’ and ‘provenance’. For those with a passion for real food this is the creative course for you. Combining all your enthusiasms in one place, sunshine, aroma and flavour you can have a fascinating and fun time sipping a glass of cava in a most congenial and happy atmosphere.

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Photo Safari

A photography holiday that takes you off-road by Land Rover to unique and special locations each day. With a glass of wine over an ‘al fresco’ lunch, in the shade of the safari awning you can be free and creative with your photography to your hearts content far from the madding crowd.

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Creative Art Course

Los Gázquez art classes are designed to be pragmatic and direct with an emphasis on guests getting quick results that will encourage them to continue well after their experience with us. All abilities and all mediums are welcome.

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Paint Safari

A painting holiday which takes you off-road by Land Rover to unique and special locations to paint each day. With a glass of wine over lunch, in the shade of the safari awning you can paint to your hearts content far from the crush of civilisation.

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Food of Art

For Los Gázquez the link between food and art is inextricable, both representing fundamental aspects of human culture. So, if you would like to enjoy something on the side you can follow our Food of Art blog too.

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Our guests say...

Thanks so much for an excellent and incredibly memorable vacation! It was well beyond my expectations, I tried new things I had no idea were in store and made new friendships that I might not have otherwise had. Keep up the wonderful work.

– Christopher M. Estes, Creative Food course

After 12 years of living and travelling extensively in Spain, I don’t think I have had a warmer, more gratifying experience than our 3 short days with the Beckmanns at Cortijada Los Gázquez.

– Ben Curtis, Creative Art Course

Nothing could have been done differently. There were absolutely no low points. The whole location and it's tranquility was something special. Donna has an exceptional aura of peace around her that permeated the whole experience.

– Deborah Cross, Creative Food Course

I had a week at Cortijada Los Gázquez and I don’t think that there was any point in my life when almost all my joys – art, outdoors, long walks, food, Mediterranean, peace, laughter, olive trees, soulful people and great conversations – were condensed in 12 hours a day, every day, for a week. Another one into the gratitude box!

– Wee-Lim Bay, Creative Food Course

I had a great time and your place has given me lots of inspiration about what I want to do. Profound!

– Shabana Jabine, Creative Art Course

Donna & Simon, love them both. They are so positive, extremely professional, but have so much to offer. It's wonderful to meet these two who gave me so much energy and knowledge. Their attitude about living, about art, about being is a joy.I learned so much. My cooking will improve as a result.

– Mary Harris, Creative Food Course