The Place

Cortijada Los Gázquez was once five old farmhouses, a cortijada being the plural of cortijo, the Andalucían name for a farm. It is now converted into a single very beautiful space. On the one hand great homage and respect has been given in its restoration to the simple vernacular architecture of the building, and on the other hand a crisp eye for detail has been employed which makes the place seem stunningly modern.

The interior has uncomplicated luxury with minimal design. The sitting room is sixteen meters long with a large library of art books at your disposal as well as lots of comfortable places to curl up. The cortijada has under floor heating throughout maintaining beautiful warm winter temperatures.

Each bedroom has an attached bathroom each with a generous shower area. The bedrooms are at the front of the building, the bathrooms to the rear. This allows for gentle cross ventilation in summer. Our mattresses are deep and comfortable. The only sounds in the silence of night are the hoots of owls. And there is no light pollution so the night sky is full of stars.

Cortijada Los Gázquez is also a 'carbon neutral' guesthouse sitting in a valley of almond and pine. Heat and light from the sun, thermal winds and wood from the land combine in a system of solar panels, wind turbines and fires to cook and create energy. Rainwater is harvested from the roof. Wastewater is managed and utilised through a system of reed beds and a grey water recovery system is used to irrigate the dry land.

A week at Los Gázquez, as opposed to a conventional guesthouse of the same size, in the same climatic area, will offset the carbon emissions from a flight from northern Europe. In other words we produce 15% of the carbon emissions from Los Gázquez than an equally sized building using mainstream energy systems.

This Cortijada sits benignly in the mountains and when you look aloft to the Golden eagles in the sky, living at the apex of the food chain, you can be confident that your stay here will no more effect the natural ecology other than to serve it.

We also have Wi-Fi available.


Cortijada Los Gázquez welcomes visitors who simply want to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains. Our double and twin rooms are €85 per night including breakfast. Single rooms are €65 with breakfast. By pre-arrangement you can also dine with us. Lunches are €10 per person and evening meals €18 per person.