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Art Ecology 500

Art and Ecology is a six day (or less) course designed to help you develop the tools needed to extract creative ideas from your immediate landscape.

This is not just depicting the landscape but engaging with it.

The location is specific to the high alpine desert of Almería in southern Spain inside theParque Natural Sierra María-Los Vélez. The course is held at Cortijada Los Gázquez, creative retreat and eco-guest house, an off-grid and totally sustainable location.

*(a week at Cortijada Los Gázquez as opposed to a conventional hotel will off-set the carbon emissions from a return flight from northern europe)

You will be guided to make informed creative decisions as a consequence of studying the history and culture, (agrarian and otherwise) of the area, the climate in relation to climate change, flora and fauna, issues of sustainability through ecology systems and landscape character assessments.

As your ideas formulate we will…

For further information contact Simon on [email protected]

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