Camera Toss 3

fairy light 4

With every toss my confidence grows and I am learning to control the results a little more each time. For example this is a long exposure that allows me to toss the camera twice in quick succession.

The first toss is a spin and the second is a lateral spin. The first gives you the spiral and the second the horizontal.

It’s full moon again tonight. Maybe it’s time to toss the moon.

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Camera Toss II

camera toss late july 09

Ok, here goes. And Los Gazquez is bearing all at this juncture. You see there is this Flickr group called Camera Toss. The idea is you throw your camera up in the air, on a long exposure, in the hope of getting some beautiful abstract results. The thing is, one’s camera is often one of the most expensive things you will buy in a lifetime. Possibly behind a house, followed by a car and coming in neck and neck with a hi-fi (do they still call it hi-fi?).

Anyway, the point is that the moderators are very tough in their judging of your picture as a genuine ‘toss’. They can tell from a lifetime of ‘tossing’ cameras whether your camera has genuinely left your hands or not by looking at the photo. Look at these rules…

About Camera Toss
Advice for first time contributors…
Please describe your camera movement technique in the description or comments of your images. This makes it much easier for us to decide if it belongs in the pool. Once you have a few in the pool that qualify, you no longer need to include this extra information unless you think the image will confuse the admins.
DESCRIPTION This is a “technique” group, and the technique here is regarded by some as insanity. For we are the reckless folks on flickr that enjoy the abstract, chance, generative, physical photography that results from throwing our cameras into the air (most often at night in front of varied light sources).It is about trading risk for reward in the pursuit of art. It is not about being a photographer, it is about enabling the photography that happens naturally when you let go of the process, give up control, and add a hell of alot more variables. It is about physics, gravity, angular momentum, acceleration, direction, chaos, and timing… most of which you have tenuous control of at best! POOL RULES
THEY MUST ACTUALLY BE TOSSES (as in I threw my camera), if you did something else and aren’t sure, post it in the forums and inquire.
All posts will require moderator approval before appearing in the pool
blah blah blah.

Now, confession time. My first effort didn’t make it. I tried to make a picture of the moon but I must confess the camera’s departure from my sweaty palms was of the briefest nature. Maybe faster than the pounce of a hungry Praying Mantis.

So let’s see if this effort above will make it through. This time it’s genuine, taken under our Indian fairy lights, courage was, to say the least a little Dutch, and I have the witness of a girl from New Jersey, another from New Mexico, and incredulous young German from Frankfurt (’how can you take such risks with your camera’) and a wife who one could argue is a share holder in the camera.

Wish me luck. I’ll let you know.

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