Creative Course / En Plein Air


“I prefer every time a picture composed and painted outdoors. The thing is done without your knowing it”.
Winslow Homer

It would seem appropriate that such a place as Los Gázquez, a primal place, surrounded as it is by a wealth of natural beauty, should advocate painting from observing the natural world rather than from studies in the studio.

This is a course dedicated to painting after nature, the representation of landscape based on direct observation in the open air. ‘En Plein Air’.

A weeks painting in the open is intended to foster a greater connection between artists and the complex environments which surround them, and will hopefully result in the finished painting being completed in it’s entirety outdoors.

Either bring your own materials and equipment or order them in advance from us. Expect a weeks painting in and around the cortijada where there is a wealth of subject matter. And remember, this is Andalucia.

‘Andar’ to walk, ‘luz’ in light.

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