Creative Course / Botanical Illustration


Creative Course Details

An informal week of walking, field studies and studio work allowing the artist to explore new flora and new approaches to representing flora in their art work. This week starts with an introduction to the ‘Parque Natural Sierra Maria-Los Velez’ from the environmental education officer of the botanical gardens of ‘Umbria de la Virgen’, Maite Frade Garcia.

Our explorations will be of endemic and regional plant species. By looking at each slope, hollow, knoll and valley individually, we will identify a mosaic of different habitats. Some open, some closed, south facing or north facing, damp or dry we can aim at discovering the structurally diverse habitats which can be found here. The field studies aspect can be adapted to cater for anyone with mobility issues as a diversity of flora can be found on our doorstep as well as further afield.

And Los Gázquez can entertain you in a purpose built artist’s studio replete with natural light and plenty of space. Materials can be ordered in advance of your arrival or brought by yourself. ‘Botanical Illustration’ is a course for all who share this common interest, professional or ‘pastime’. The atmosphere is intended to be warm and congenial, the subject, in the right season, spectacular.

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