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Joya Resident Artist Lizzie Finn / experiments


..satin stitch/zigzag, ‘graphic line on a sewing machine making a mark as opposed to a seam‘. Following a grid. Quilting paper ‘used as a graphic design in itself‘.Primed linen/fluorescent map pins. Dribbling paint/blotching paint. Gold lame, chenille, counted thread embroidery. Spanish Black Work embroidery, ‘geometrically similar to 80’s computer graphics, like pixels’. ‘Experimental work taken from the landscape, capturing colour‘. Batik wax, ‘dripping and staining etc.‘. Patchwork, ‘making painted surfaces to cut out…’.

Joya resident artist Lizzie Finn will be talking about her work at Cortijada Los Gázquez on Tuesday 18th May 2010 8 pm. All are welcome.

Lizzie Finn was being talked about in this Sunday’s Independent…

Warning; graphic content - how a new wave of illustrators is blowing the art world apart.

and you can see some of the finished work here…

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Joya; aplicado / Resident Artist Ellie Curtis / 4-18.09.2010

ellie infront of mural

September welcomes Joya; aplicado artist in residence Ellie Curtis to Cortijada Los Gázquez. Ellie is an illustrator,  printmaker on paper and fabric and muralist as well as  a printmaking teacher.

‘I’d like to create a set of fantastical narrative illustrations based on the natural surroundings of Cortijada Los Gázquez. These will be informed by nature drawings I make on investigative walks, facts which I’ve already researched on the formation of the mountains, and a story that I will invent revolving around some very ambiguous characters. I usually use a lot of printmaking in my work but I’d like to use this residency as an opportunity to break free from such a methodical approach to image making, and work in a more spontaneous way, simply drawing and painting. I might try animating some of the characters and and potentially use different media such as quilting to tell parts of the story’.

You can see more of Ellie’s work here. As well as and

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