Iyengar Yoga @ Los Gazquez

Yoga @LG

Cortijada Los Gazquez is delighted to announce that we are running a short Iyengar yoga week at our retreat. What is more, if you like, it will give you an opportunity to brush up on your Castellano as your teacher is from Burgos, Elena Tarrago Nunez.

Iyengar style deals primarily with the alignment of the body in a search to achieve a physical, spiritual and mental symbiosis. Iyengar also offers breathing exercises which allow for deep relaxation of the body and mind. And Los Gazquez is the perfect backdrop for such activities unadulterated by noise or distraction occupying it’s place on earth ecologically.

Alongside these yoga activities here, I (Simon) would be delighted to take people on guided walks through the Parque Natural and introduce you to this special place and all the ecological systems we have built to live sustainably here. Donna has prepared a vegetarian menu for the week and we have made a special price for the holiday to initiate this new activity.

Dates are from 27th of June to 4th of July and charged on a day by day basis allowing greater flexibility to those coming from abroad. For further details and prices contact Simon at this blog or web site.

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