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Creative Course / Las Ramblas


Las Ramblas is another creative course at Cortijada Los Gázquez…

Meandering across this alpine desert, cutting pathways through the mountains, are beautiful and geographically dramatic fluvial systems called ‘Rambla’.

These are dry ephemeral streams whose morphological changes are caused by very infrequent high energy events when a rain threshold is exceeded and the dry river flows again.

Such environments in an arid landscape are inevitably teaming with life forms and geological formations. Bee Eaters, Golden Oriole, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Shrikes, Hoopoes and many more. Plant life is abundant too and the nature of the water course’s character creates dramatic and beautiful geological form.

It is a place to spend a day or more, to creatively drink from this ‘invisible’ river.

This is a weeks multi media course formatted to explore this environment in whatever manner you choose. It’s an opportunity to research, catalogue and celebrate the abundance and quiet drama of one of Andalucia’s special places.

Forthcoming dates for this course are

4th-11th September 2010  (JOYA resident artist Ellie Curtis)

16th-23rd April 2011 (call to resident artists Aug. 2010 to be announced)

This is also a course that  can be tailor made for any other time of the year.

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