Joya / Molly Hogg

MCHogg portrait‘I first studied textile design in the 1980′s, specialising in constructed, knitted and woven fabrics. After a long pause, I am now starting to design again.
For my JOYA residency I have decided to use the sky over Cortijada Los Gázquez as my inspiration.
I vividly remember from a previous visit to Los Gázquez how I was amazed by the extreme beauty of both the vast horizon of the daylight sky, its strange shaped clouds and colour, and  then the purity of light of the night sky and the Milky Way.
Living in London I rarely look up at night as the light pollution, density and height of buildings destroys any clear view of our Galaxy. However, at Los Gázquez lying on the roof terrace at night is a whole new adventure which I hope to capture in a variety of mediums.
I will be working with textures in materials ranging from glass, felts, velvets, paints, soot, rock and clay. I will be exploring the ethereal quality of the sky, using these materials to somehow express the inexpressible’.

Molly Hogg, April, 2010

mchogg-shooting star

M O L L Y   H O G G    C U R R I C U L U M    V I T A E

1988 B.A. Degree in Constructed Textile Design specialising in Knitted and woven textiles. Winchester School of Art

1988 Awarded an Arts Council Bursary

1991 Founded Molly Hogg Antique Textiles
Travelled extensively to Africa and Asia sourcing 18th-20th textiles


2001, 2002, 2003   Exhibited at Hali Antique Carpet and Textile Art Fair

2006 Curate Carpet and Textile show for The Richard Morant Gallery

2007 Curate own show “Handmade From Around The World” at The Gallery, 5 Blenheim Crescent, London W11 2EE

April 2008 Exhibited at Battersea Decorative Antiques and Textile Fair

June 2008 Curate own show “Handmade from Around The World 2”
September 2008 Exhibited at Battersea Decorative Antiques and Textile Fair

January 2009 Exhibited at Battersea Decorative Antiques and Textile Fair,
Invited to curate the Entrance exhibition on Chintz.

Spring 2009, September 2009, January 2010 Exhibited at Battersea Decorative Antiques and Textile Fair

April 2010 Exhibited at The Asia Arts Fair, Traditional and contemporary arts of Asia

I have recently started to show contemporary artists work including the ceramicists Josse Davis and Iona Miller and Textile Artist Alex Anne Walters. As well as my own textile work I will be spending more time exhibiting and promoting contemporary applied art and design.