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Creative Course / Digital Sierras / photography and hiking


This was a seven hour walk starting at sunrise over the Sierra Larga. The almond blossom is now getting into full swing…


Someone is travelling east…


The view back to Los Gázquez and the fire break…


From near the top of Peña Cassenova on the Sierra Larga we can see La Sagra in Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas…


This is the view into La Hoya de Carrascal and another fire break. It took a couple of hours to scramble across the top of the Sierra Larga to get to our next destination, a forgotten cave in a distant barranco…


There is a short climb up a tricky screed to get to the cave on the other side of the barranco…


Looking back in the direction of our descent there is nothing but a wall of screed and pine trees.

But the reward is beautiful, a cave painting, a 6000 year old forgotten hieroglyph…




Joya: arte + ecología / Goldsmiths University MFA Fine Art

‘Fifteen London-based artists from the Goldsmiths MA program take up residence in the Andalusian landscape of Cortijada Los GázquezThe Goldsmiths Fifteen, a group with mixed artistic practices ranging from painting to sculpting and performance, will use the rupture of dislocation from the academic institution as habitat (and the studio with all its physical and practical securities) in favour of the ‘en plein air’ to find out how one works when one is left without. Does the removal from London’s dense networked systems of access and the promise of Andalusian air prove fruitful or destructive to the trajectories of the artists’ ideas? How will The Goldsmith Fifteen work within and respond to this new (un)natural environment?’

The Goldsmith Fifteen

For more information please visit Joya: arte + ecología’s weblog.