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A New Grey Water Reclamation System for Los Gázquez

A good (and hard) days work building the new grey water reclamation system at Los Gázquez. The plan is to make this depression into a reed bed for giant cane Arundo Donax. Once established it can grow 6 to 10 meters high. The reed is actually sterile producing no viable seeds, instead it reproduces asexually via spreading it’s rhizomes underground at it’s base. This is good for us as it can’t spread uncontrollably like some reeds such as Phragmites Australis. The reclamation element for us is the harvesting of the cane for use in construction. As a plant designed for cropping the low tillage rate compared to conventional farming means that there is a high organic content in the soil and in turn the carbon capture is high.

Thank you Andy, Gonzaga and Andrés for the use of your backs.