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Viñedo de Artistas / a new project at Cortijada Los Gázquez


On behalf and for the benefit of Joya: arte + ecología, Cortijada Los Gázquez is creating a ‘natural’ vineyard on their land in the Parque Natural Sierra María–Los Vélez. This is in the alpine desert of the mountains of Almería, Andalucía with poor soil and an average of 200mm of rainfall per year.

Our ‘natural’ wine will be produced from a small vineyard that will nurture the biodiversity of our landscape. It will embrace nature rather than control it. It will express our world view through it’s rejection of technology to boost productivity and focus on it’s purity rather than it’s perfection.



  • Green area: ‘Área silvestre’ (wild)
  • Purple area: ‘El viñedo’ (vineyard)
  • Red area: ‘Área de restauración’ (ready for re-planting with native species)

To augment our ‘natural’ wine we are inviting artists to create small edition artworks to attach to the bottles we produce. These will be ‘one off’ editions of around 500 works. The artwork will represent the ethos of the product and of Joya: arte + ecología but say nothing directly of the contents of the bottle. Textural information on the product will be on a small label at the neck of the bottle.

Profit from the ‘natural’ wine will be given to the non-profit, Joya: arte + ecología for the benefit of the activities of the organisation.

To fund the project we will be looking for private investment to kickstart the vineyard. The parcel of land has been selected and cleared. Currently we are looking for technical advice and vines…

For more information contact Simon at [email protected] and write Viñedo de Artistas in the subject line.

For more information follow this link…



Joya: arte + ecología has a new ‘weblog’…



Joya: arte + ecología needed room for expansion so we have built a new ‘weblog’ to accommodate our increasing activities. We will continue to post ‘Joya’ projects here but from now on this blog will revert back slightly to it’s original intention, to celebrate ‘sustainable’ life in the beautiful mountains of Almería and to tell you about our creative courses.



Joya: arte + ecología necesitaba espacio para expandirse, de modo que hemos creado un nuevo “weblog” para alojar toda la información sobre nuestras actividades. Continuaremos informando sobre los proyectos de Joya aquí pero de ahora en adelante este blog volverá un poco a lo que era su intención original, celebrar la vida “sostenible” en las bellas montañas de Almería e informaros sobre nuestros cursos creativos.



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