Joya / Miranda Whall

I wish to continue to develop the ideas particularly present in my most recent video, text and sound installation Ctenophore Ma Cherie (My Darling Comb Jelly) 2010.

I want to embark upon another journey, again a pastiche of an epic quest. This time the journey will be up a mountain in search of a rare, vulnerable and beautiful weed; the Centaurea mariana nyman. The yellow knapweed that flowers between June and August is only found on rocky outcrops on the north side of the Sierra María, Almería, Spain. To find it I will have  to be accompanied by a guide and climb up to over 2000m early in the morning to get the altitude needed and beat the midday heat. I will have to make a camp in the relative shade to record the weed for 24 hours.

Again I will write a poem or text that I will have it translated and recited into Spanish, specifically by a woman indigenous to the Sierra María area.

This would not be a love poem; it would be a poem about hate, indifference and ambivalence.

The video and text will be long; the video will perhaps be shot over 24 hours consecutively and the video and audio installation will be presented as a continuous loop in real time.

The final work would be an installation, comprising of large multi wall video projections, printed text and audio.

Miranda Whall



Cardiff, Wales Uk


Fine Art Lecturer Aberystwyth University, Wales


2000 – 2001Associate StudentshipGoldsmith College, University London

1993 - 96Post Graduate CertificateRoyal Academy Schools, London

1989 - 92B.A Hons Fine ArtUWIC, Wales, Uk

1991Undergraduate Exchange ProgramEmily Carr School of Art, Vancouver B.C


2010 ‘Is it ok if?’Arts Centre Gallery, Aberystwyth

2009Marine DialoguesWest Wales School of Art Gallery, Camarthen

2006Tirly – Whirly, Glasgow International 06Offsite space, Glasgow

2006Where the Monkey Sleeps Vane, Newcastle Upon Tyne


2010 Solo Screening, Film MarmaladeIMT Gallery, London

2010  Papyrophilia, works on paper, Zavier EllisCharlie Smith Gallery, London

2010We Have the Mirrors, We have the Plans

group exhibtion of artists based in Wales,

selected by 5 Wales based curatorsMostyn Gallery, Llandudno

2010Hiati Artists Art Auction, Salford UniversityCube Gallery, Manchester

2009The Future Can’t Wait, Ellis Rumley ProjectsThe Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane , London

2009Living Landscapes symposium, Heike RomsTFTV, Aberystwyth University

2009Kunskog, an exhibition of drawings, Stuart Pearson WrightFive Hundred Dollars, Vyner St, London

2009Filmarmalade DVD publication Launch, Gordon Shrigley, British Film Institute

2009Miranda Whall and Flora Whiteley Gimpel Fils, London

2009The Future Can Wait, Ellis Rumley ProjectsSchuster Gallery, Berlin

2009My Place, Film Open Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Camarthen

2009The Golden Record, Mel BrimfieldLincoln Museum, The Collection

2009 The Golden Record, Mel BrimfieldG39 Gallery, Cardiff