Castillo de los Fajardo - Velez Blanco


Built between 1506 and 1515 by the Marquess de los Velez using Italian architects the castle was built on top of and incorporating the original Moorish citadel.


Rather sadly I feel the castle seems most famous for having the interior sold off by the bankrupt family in 1904. It now resides in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.


This is the view from within the original Moorish structure showing the ramp up to the old drawbridge which is about nine meters above floor level.


Originally the castle had 30 pieces of bronze artillery so it was not simply a palace. There is rumour in town of plans to restore the interior. This had started in the 80s with a typically minimal intervention of modernist architecture. Brave but inevitably outdated within a decade. In my book, if you are going to restore, do it with the right materials exactly as the original or let it crumble.

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