Joya Residency / Lee Maelzer

rocksA two-week residency at Los Gázquez saw Lee Maelzer examining in photographs some of the recurrent themes in her paintings.

‘Trees, stones and buildings… the details of the landscape are blurred, occluded or brought into sharp focus to create an instant approximation of the anticipated memory of a place.
The photographs will then be further altered and mutated and form the basis of new paintings.
There is a sense in me that I am never actually present but always on my way to somewhere or on my way back from it’.

Lee Maelzer new painting

And here is one of Lee Maelzer’s new paintings. It’s unfinished and being made as a consequence of her experience here at the JOYA residency. It’s a work in progress and it clearly illustrates the artist’s working methods. Places are experienced, absorbed and catalogued in a multiple of ways returning to the studio to be manifested (in this instance) into oil painting.

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