Roof Rain



It can rain in Spain. And it’s much needed ahead of the oncoming summer. And can I say, without a hint of modesty, that the Los Gazquez rainwater harvesting system is working a treat.

The wild, wet weather front came in last night sometime and didn’t abate until midday. I checked the water deposit (aljibe) and we had about an extra 20,000 litres. All fresh, clean beautiful water.

We didn’t want to spoil the traditional design of the house so we constructed a system of canals (acequias) around the building at ground level. The rainwater falls from the roof in to the canals and is carried away to the water deposit. It sounds simple, and indeed it is, but it’s construction took a bit of engineering. It even, at one point, takes ground water from a field drain, why waste that perfectly good source too!


And now more rain comes and maybe a bit of snow. It’s amazing really, we went for a walk yesterday wearing tee shirts in the hot sunshine. Nevermind, we console ourselves, housebound as we are, that the oats in the fields will be happy, the olives and the almonds will be happy and in the morning I can have an extra long shower for a treat.



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