Joya: arte + ecología / Clare Price

C.Price 1

‘There is an experimentation in the works with format and new plays on the grid. Whilst adhering to the familiar formalist rules of earlier paintings, more recent works display a new energy and freedom that is seen both in leaving behind the traditional landscape format and also a breaking down of the relationship to the original drawing.  The works are looser more lyrical and romantic, using Helen Frankenthaler inspired washes and water based oil paint and gouache which is used wet in wet. The household paints are still present but used more sparingly . The palette utilises more naturalistic and classical colours inspired by artist such as Ingres and Turner.  There is an opening up of the pixellated grid so some works are open and spare while others are still obsessive, complex and frenetic.  Seductive subtle tones butt up against heightened modern colours. Washes flow voluptuously over the canvas whilst pixellated elements that punctuate the image are meticulous, graphic and sharp.

Less toxic more romantic, in some works more spare but others pushed
to the limits- to sum it up’!

Clare Price


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