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Creative Courses

Los Gázquez is a retreat for the creatively minded. Should your compulsion be to draw or paint, write poetry or music, to exercise any multiple of creative disciplines, Los Gázquez provides the space, time and opportunity to make a holiday a deeply fulfilling one.

And should you wish to share the experience of this creative retreat, Los Gázquez runs a series of art and design courses throughout the year. The ethos of these programmes is to tailor your experience of this environment in a way which allows you to maximise your understanding and creative response. Los Gázquez has designed five courses under the following titles...

The atmosphere for these courses is very much for the guest to bring their knowledge and skills, their passions and enthusiasms to a group of people in an atmosphere of camaraderie and sharing, should your abilities be professional or yet to be discovered.

Los Gázquez is here to guide you, to encourage you, to help you to access the creative and ecological opportunities you need to have a fulfilling and inspiring experience.