Altos caminos

At either end of days here on the ‘high roads’, the ‘caminos altos’ of the Sierra Maria-Los Velez, there is a landscape drama often sublime, always beautiful. These are the roads built to access pasture for summer grazing, for spring water and the cultivation of almond and olive. On the periphery pomegranate, quince and fig. And in the middle of the day you can take shade in the shadow of these trees in the meadows of wild flowers. Often there are eagles and vultures overhead and ibex on the craggy slopes above.

‘Caminos Altos’ is the opportunity to walk these shepherd’s paths, to be a witness to this landscape and all it’s natural beauty. And we have built in the possibility to capture the elements of this environment that appeal to your creative spirit.

We walk a while then break to draw or paint, the choice of medium is yours, the discussion is composition, perspective and colour. You are free to express yourself accordingly.