Cortijada Los Gázquez benefits from a remote location satellite broadband system. The system supports telephone and, like conventional broadband, we can administer our web-site, e-mail and write our blog, as well as up and download material quickly. It’s a wireless system so when you are here you are free to use the facility from practically anywhere in the cortijo.

The links to the right are to places and ideas related to activities here and will support your visit to Los Gázquez.

Here are some literary 'links' Los Gázquez would recommend especially whilst travelling in Spain.

  • Ghosts Of Spain - Giles Tremlett
  • South From Granada - Gerald Brenan
  • As I walked Out One Midsummer Morning - Laurie Lee
  • A Moment Of War - Laurie Lee
  • A Rose For Winter - Laurie Lee
  • The Moors Last Sigh - Salman Rushdie
  • The Tomb In Seville - Norman Lewis
  • Voices Of The Old Sea - Norman Lewis
  • Homage To Catalonia - George Orwell
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemingway
  • Sacred Mountain - Jason Webster
  • Andalus - Jason Webster