Cultural and sustainable business model

  1. Throughout the year Los Gázquez runs creative courses in fine art such as painting and photography. We also run cultural culinary courses under the title ‘Food of Art’. The ethos of these programmes is to tailor your experience of this environment in a way which allows you to maximise your understanding and creative response.
  2. Creative courses provide revenue to support Joya: arte + ecología.
  3. Joya: arte + ecología is an arts project that deepens peoples understanding of environmental sustainability. Joya is a creative platform that scrutinises, makes decisions and takes actions that are in the interests of protecting the environment. Joya has a particular emphasis in creating a culture that articulates the principle of preserving the capability of the biosphere to support human life in an ecological manner.
  4. The activities of Joya: arte + ecología also operate as inspiration to all those who engage with it’s ideas.
  5. The outcome for our creative guests is an experience by way of studio visits, mentoring and dialogue with all disciplines through informal talks and lectures. In addition these activities take place in a location that is an exemplar to sustainable living.
  6. Consequently guests participating in creative courses encounter a deeply augmented experience that will inspire and promote additional creative courses.
  7. Organisations, collectives and individuals which collaborate or are affiliated with Joya: arte + ecología.
  8. Funding provided by external organisations to support Joya: arte + ecología.