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The day was spent looking at the canyon (cañón) on the alto plano. This is age old erosion from the plateau level where strata of sandstone being harder than the limestone are resistant to weathering. It’s a geological characteristic typical of arid zones. Many of the cliff walls are actually punctured by the remains of traditional cave houses. They are now sadly uninhabited by humans and are the reside of goats and sheep.

The bottom of this shallow canyon is more fertile and used for spring cereal crops. It’s planted in a mosaic of oblong patches declaring the ownership and fertility of specific areas of bright green spring grains. Borders are of germolene pink and khaki green Tamarix and as you look up to the canyon wall, showers of feldspar catch the sunlight and glisten.



PAINT SAFARI / April – May

Taibena y Blanco

Cortijada Los Gázquez is operating it’s PAINT SAFARI on the following dates in April through to May. Places are available for the…

24th April to 1st May. Joya resident artist, Belgian, Peter Morrens.

8th April – 15th May. Joya resident artist Lizzie Finn and special guest Sue Amos (see previous post).

Any other dates can be accommodated on request.

For further information please contact Simon at





Here at Cortijada Los Gázquez we have a new ‘creative holiday’, ‘Paint Safari’. For those familiar with this blog you will know how passionate we are about this landscape. And in the time we have been in this little known region of Andalucía we have come to know our area intimately.

It was on one such excursion recently, having a picnic with the children, that we looked out upon this landscape (the one above) and thought ‘my goodness look, this beautiful wild space already possesses the forms, rhythms and colours of abstract modernist painting’. And sitting as we are, under the awning alongside our faithful (and essential) Land Rover, we thought, ‘what a great experience this could be for our creative guests’.

So here you have it PAINT SAFARI (maximum three people at any one time) out to the semi-wilderness that constitutes large areas of inland Spain. We will be the ‘painters pathfinder’ taking you to a different and fantastic location each day…

(I would like to add at this point that this is an experience for artists of all abilities who either want to learn or just want to take advantage of the opportunity to have an adventure)

Lunch will be under the awning for shade, table and chairs laid out and a special menu befitting the occasion will be served. Afterwards you can return to your painting until early evening where we return to the comfort of Los Gázquez.

And don’t forget we always have Joya resident artists at hand should you want to share your creative experience or gain advice.

But that’s enough here, please look at our web page PAINT SAFARI.



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